December 11, 2023

How to Play Online Keno with Confidence

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Keno is a traditional Chinese game that has been implemented in the West and is now part of numerous casinos worldwide, including online casinos. Keno is a game similar to lottery or bingo, whereby chance plays a very important part. The player must choose between 1 and 20 numbers on a card from a total of 80 numbers. The more matches, the more money you can earn. Here, we explain in more detail how to play keno online.

How to Play Online Keno with Confidence

Strategy to Use in Online Keno

The strategy in Online Keno is to accept that choosing some numbers or others does not influence the development of the game but that the chances of winning are the same. Despite this statement, it must be taken into account that the number of numbers chosen greatly influences the results, so it is advisable to have an adequate strategy regarding the number of numbers to choose in each round. 

Many people say that you should not choose numbers in a row because those will never come out, but this idea is wrong since the chances of them coming out are the same as if they were numbers with nothing in common. The chances of winning at Keno are practically under probability, therefore making it impossible for the outcome to be affected by strange tautologies. Read carefully the information relevant to the Keno Strategy, and do not be fooled by those who claim that they have discovered a way to always win at this game.

Odds of Victory in Online Keno

In online Keno, it is not recommended to choose the minimum or the maximum number of numbers since the house advantage is usually much greater due to the small amounts offered as a prize. Or the extreme difficulty of having all the numbers on the ticket have come out winners.

There is also the possibility that none of the 10 chosen numbers will be lucky. The odds are not very high, so some casinos also offer a prize to those who type 10 numbers and do not match any.

To win a small amount of money in Keno, you need to have some luck. However, if you want to win a large amount, you need to be exceptionally lucky since the chances of getting a winning ticket are minimal. The best Keno strategy is to accept the difficulties of winning and enjoy the game as if it were a leisure activity. Playing Keno with the sole prospect of making money is a mistake, as that will only generate frustration.

The most important decision a Keno player has to make is the number of numbers to include on the ticket, and the best option is to avoid very limited or very high numbers.

Online Keno Payments

The house edge in online Keno is usually greater than that of other casino games at online lottery sites, so if you want to win money, you have to optimize your gaming strategy.

Land-based casinos have fairly low payout amounts, so the winnings for the casino are usually between 20% and 35%. In both Video Keno and Online Keno, since they have fewer expenses, the prizes that can be offered to the winners are greater, with a house advantage of approximately 5%.

Secrets to Keno

For players looking for the best secrets to play keno, the following are the best suggestions on how to handle this game.

Practice before you start betting for real

Since keno is not a complicated game, many players dive in and start betting real money, which is not the best option. To get used to the chosen game, the idea is to practice a few times in the test mode, which does not involve money and prizes. Thus, the player can understand the dynamics of the game and get used to it and only then put the acquired knowledge into practice.

Choose from four to eight numbers per card

When you have the option of choosing up to 15 numbers in a single card, the most common trend among beginners is to think that the best thing to do is to bet on as many numbers as possible. On the one hand, this even makes sense because the more numbers scored, the greater the chances of getting them right. However, you must keep in mind that the prizes also change depending on how many numbers the player has scored. Anyone who can get five numbers out of five scored can win with a 50:1 return rate. That same rate can drop to 3:1 by guessing five numbers out of ten chosen, greatly reducing potential gains.

Thus, to have a balanced choice between competing for high prizes and still having moderate chances of winning, mathematics ensures that it is best to score between four and eight numbers per card. With less than that, the chances of winning are very low, while with more than that, the rewards are not that good.

Bet on consecutive numbers

The online keno game works from a random number generator, which ensures that the results are random and independent events. However, many experienced keno players believe that, despite randomness, consecutive numbers have a higher chance of being drawn. This strategy has no guarantees and may or may not work, but it is arguably one of the most popular among players today.

Give preference to games that offer the highest RTP rating

As with slot machines, keno also varies in the Player Return Index (RTP) according to the chosen title. In general, online casinos offer more advantageous percentages for gamblers than physical casinos, but among the immense variety of online keno games, there are also those considered more attractive. To benefit in this regard, the best suggestion is to look for games that have an RTP of at least 94%.

Choose trusted casinos

To make sure that the keno games are fair, with real chances of winning, and to still be sure that any winnings will be effectively paid, it is essential to choose a safe and reliable online casino that is audited according to the most advanced protection rules of that industry.

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